Anime MBTI Typings

I don’t feel like going through the effort of writing detailed articles for each individual character, so I’m just going to list a bunch of typings here. If anyone disputes one of my typings, then I’ll write a detailed post.

Note that these typings are based on the cognitive function formulation of the MBTI. If I was going to use the stereotypical four scales formulation, then I might just as well use the Five Factor model. But I’m not using the Five Factor model. So there.

I’m an INTP myself, by the way. Formerly mistyped as ISTJ. I actually consider Si the most relatable cognitive function. Which is why I sometimes wonder if I’m not actually an ISFJ. But then I think, the reason I’m second-guessing myself is probably because I have upper-level Ne, so…

For the typings I’m not completely confident in, fallback typings are listed for if I’m wrong. The fallback typings might seem unexpectedly different from the main typing, but if you list out their respective function stacks they will usually have one or two key characteristics in common with the main listed typing. For example: Misaka is listed as ENFJ (Fallback: ISFP). Both of these typings are F dominant / T inferior with Se and Ni in the middle; the differences are which judging functions are extraverted or introverted, and the relative ordering of Se and Ni. Relative function orderings are probably my weak point when it comes to MBTI typings.

Feel free to comment to dispute a typing or ask a question (such as “What are you smoking?!”) or anything.

The World God Only Knows

Katsuragi Keima: INTJ
Shiomiya Shiori: INTP


Okazaki Tomoya: INFP
Furukawa Nagisa: ESFJ
Sunohara Youhei: ESTP
Fujibayashi Kyou: ESFP
Sakagami Tomoyo: INTJ
Ichinose Kotomi: INTP
Ibuki Fuuko: ISFP


Kaizaki Arata: ESFJ
Hishiro Chizuru: INTP (Fallback: ISTJ)
Onoya An: ISFP
Yoake Ryou: INFJ

A Certain Magical Index

Kamijou Touma: No personality
Misaka Mikoto: ENFJ (Fallback: ISFP)
Accelerator: INTP (Fallback: INFP, ISTJ)

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)

Fujinuma Satoru: ISTP
Hinazuki Kayo: ISFP? In any case, she seems stuck in an Fi/Ni loop