Manga Translation Draft: Posiko Maemuki’s Misunderstanding, Ch. 1

I said a couple posts ago that I’d start posting drafts here, but the posts I’ve put up since then have been more or less finished pieces. So I guess this is my first genuinely unfinished post. Hoo-ray!

So this is my translation-in-progress of Posiko Maemuki’s Misunderstanding (まえむきポジ子のかんちがい), chapter 1. As you will probably notice, it switches from English to Japanese in the middle. That’s where I left off. The formatting of the text is also a little rough around the edges.

As for the manga itself, what I find charming about this one is its simplicity, from the art style to the premise to the naming of the characters. The story is that one day the male lead, Negaji Kurasugi, runs into the female lead, Posiko Maemuki, before going home from high school. It’s raining and Posiko doesn’t seem to have an umbrella, so to avoid being considered a cad he gives her his umbrella and goes home in the middle of the rain. But Posiko misinterprets this as meaning that he has a crush on her, and hilarity ensues.

The characters all have blatantly obvious punny names. Negaji’s name is literally just the “nega-” of “negative” (which the Japanese use as a loanword to mean “pessimistic”), plus “-ji,” a masculine name suffix. Likewise, Posiko’s name is the “posi-“of “positive” (which in Japanese means “optimistic”), plus “-ko,” a feminine name suffix. Negaji’s last name, Kurasugi, is made up of individual elements that commonly appear in Japanese last names. But they never appear in this combination, which happens to mean “too dark,” where “dark” can be applied to people to mean “having a depressing personality.” Posiko’s last name, Maemuki, is actually just the native Japanese word for “optimistic” (literally, “forward-facing”).

So with that, here’s the actual manga-in-progress:



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