Actual Blogging

I just got a crazy idea.

I think I’ll use this blog for actual blogging.

Up till now, I’ve been using this site as basically a place to publish essays. So I would think of a topic (generally something that annoys me), write an essay on it, and upload it once I had written out the whole thing, read over it many times, and decided that it was completely finished. But then of course, so many of the things I wrote would just rot in my draft box as I either A) got bored of editing it, B) got scared that people would think it was stupid or not worth writing, or C) moved on to the next idea.

So then I got an idea: How about I publish drafts of essays? As in, I’ll write an essay and, even if I think it could be better, publish it with “draft 1” or something in the title, with the understanding that I might re-publish it later as “draft 2” (or 3 or 4 etc.) with heavy modifications. If I actually get something to the point where I think it’s “finished,” then I’ll publish it without “draft” in the title, and maybe link to it on a separate page in the site header. (Or maybe not, because I’m lazy.)

So instead of this site just being a place for finished essays, it’ll be like a log of my writing as it progresses. You know, like an actual web log.

Hopefully, this will also have the psychological effect of helping me see that my writing isn’t something the world revolves around, and it’s perfectly OK for me to put something unfinished on the web.

And for that matter, I could also use this for things other than writing. Like programming or music-writing or whatever.

So I guess I’ll start doing that in the next few days or so. I already have some writing and programming and music related stuff I’m working on, so I guess I’ll put up one of those in the next few days.

And just to make sure I don’t get cold feet, I’m going to publish this the day I wrote it rather than sleep on it.


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