Whew! Things have been pretty hectic this past couple of weeks, but it looks like I can finally start relaxing now.

I feel like I should probably explain why I haven’t posted in about a month. There are a few reasons. For one thing, all my end-of-semester projects piled up in the last week of school. I felt like I was constantly writing during finals week. In reality, I probably also spent a lot of time staring into space and/or idly spinning in my swivel chair. But still, I had some big paper or other to work on every single day of finals week.

For another thing, just a few days after summer vacation started, I had to go attend my brother’s graduation. He just graduated from Christendom College magna cum laude, which is pretty cool. The ceremonies, celebrations, packing, and plane rides took up the better part of the past five days.

So that about covers the past couple of weeks. The third reason I haven’t posted in a long time, which is a problem that goes back farther than the past couple of weeks, is that I have a lot of drafts and can’t decide which one to finish first. Right now, I have posts in progress on:

– Aristotelian metaphysics (I’ve been thinking about this one pretty much all year and still haven’t finished it…)
– some anime, most significantly A Certain Scientific Railgun and Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
– miscellaneous observations about English
– where some of our weird spelling conventions come from
– the Japanese pitch accent
– nonstandard analysis (an alternative approach to formulating calculus, which I find much easier to work with than the more traditional method―though now that I’ve read some of Aristotle’s Physics I think it might be a bit more philosophically problematic than I initially realized)
– a formatting standard that annoys me in C-based programming languages
– modality and noun quantifiers

I think I’ll probably do the one on the pitch accent first, then the one on Nura and the one on the annoying formatting standard in whichever order I end up finishing them, and then the one on Aristotelian metaphysics. I haven’t decided which one to finish after that. If any of my faithful readers (yes, all one of you) thinks any of these sounds particularly interesting and wants to see that one finished first, feel free to say so in a comment.

Oh, and another thing: I think I’m going to start keeping a programming log on this site. I find that the only thing I can take seriously in life is homework, so I’m hoping that if I start writing about the stuff I’m programming in a place where other people can see it, I might feel more pressure to actually finish what I work on. And the more I program, the better I’ll get, I hope. Besides, this would also open up the possibility that people who have more programming experience than me might come across my code and offer some pointers (pun intended).

So there’s what’s been happening and what’s going to happen with this blog. Now that I’m on break, I’m going to have more time to write, so I’ll probably post more often.