First Post

Well, this is my first time trying to write a blog. If you’re wondering about the title, it’s just my three favorite music genres strung together with “the” in front.

What gave me the idea to blog is that in my freshman year of high school, my literature teacher (who, by the way, besides being awesome, also went to grad school at the same college I’m attending right now) had this writing exercise where he’d write a prompt on the board and have the class write whatever came to mind, starting with that prompt, for something like 5 or 10 minutes, I forget which. Then, he’d have people read what they wrote aloud to the class. That was how I discovered my sense of humor. Before then, I’d never thought of myself as even a remotely funny or interesting person. But when we were doing that writing exercise, all of a sudden I was making people laugh, and people would actually ask for me, specifically, to read what I’d written. So, I kinda feel like I owe my sense of humor to Mr. T. No, not the one that pities the fool. I mean my literature teacher, whose last initial was T. But anyway, I spent the rest of my high school career pining after that stream-of-consciousness exercise, but none of my other literature classes ever had it. And then somewhere along the line, it occurred to me that, hey, maybe I could just write a blog instead. What finally pushed me to it was when people in my music class started saying some blatantly inaccurate things about Catholicism, which is annoying, because I’m Catholic. That was when I really wished I could just tell people everything that was wrong with the whole stereotypical image of Catholicism and the Medieval period. Only, without the telling. And without the people. And how better to do that than write it on the internet?

So, as for what this blog is about, I’m going to just write about whatever I feel like. That could range from reviews of songs or movies or video games or anime, to calculus, to linguistics, to music theory, to metaphysics, to theology, or whatever. Probably the most important topic, in the sense of producing the meatiest and scholarliest articles, will be Things that I Think Other People are Wrong About. I don’t intend to follow any fixed schedule, so I’ll probably go weeks without posting and then put up ten posts in one day or something like that. (EDIT: I should probably make it clear that I’ve only just barely started college, and I’m majoring in computer science, so half the things I write about will be things I haven’t even taken any college courses in. So don’t take me as authoritative.)

Of course, I doubt I’ll ever get any followers other than my dad, so it probably won’t matter much. But I guess I might as well make this stuff public, just in case. And who knows, maybe one of these days someone somewhere will stumble on this blog and find something interesting. Maybe I’ll even convert them to Catholicism… MWAHAHAHAHA >: D

So, yeah.


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